Komali MeDi Clown Academy

Indian by heritage, Tanzanian by birth, Fif was raised, studied and worked in Canada. She has returned home, to India, along with her Scottish / Canadian husband and fellow actor Hamish, they arrived in Auroville on 12.12.12.

Fif has a unique ability to integrate the mind, spirit and heart with people of all ages and abilities. Through techniques she has developed from years as a theatre professional and working as a Medical Clown with patients living with chronic illness and dying, she combines laughter, active listening, and playfulness with deep compassion. Whether it is the CEO of a corporation, a child soldier in Uganda, or a Mum juggling her children, her home, and work all at once, Fif helps people achieve a more peaceful state, release tension, become more mindful, spark their creativity, love their life and discover their purpose.

As director and founder of Komali MeDi Clown Academy, Fif designs and implements retreats, courses, seminars and workshops in clowning, laughter, play and humor. She also designs courses on happiness and life balance for stress management and relaxations to enhance productivity, creativity and gain a greater sense of peace.

She has been a Specialist Advisor, Trainer and Examiner for Physicians, Medical Students and Foreign Trained Physicians for 28 years; and with Hamish has trained and certified over 400 Laughter Yoga Leaders; and has facilitated retreats, courses and conducted presentations to audiences of up to 1500 in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. As a television and stage director, producer, writer and actor, Fif has received a dozen National and International awards for her work.

Fif’s dedication to creating internal eco-systems of peace, love, laughter and joy runs deep. She is co-founder of The Art of Peace Camp, a Camp for Kids with youth in Canada and Uganda. In working with girls who had been raped and child soldiers, one young boy who had been abducted after witnessing his family murdered said,“ Now I can forgive my wrong doers and leave my luggage behind.” Fif’s love for India and her people runs deep. Fif was invited to co-facilitate a project for street children at the National Museum in Delhi. From 1979 – 1981 she spent time at Stella Maris College in Chennai where she facilitated programs in the villages, slums, orphanages and leper homes. Most recently, she was invited by Positive Women’s Network to co – facilitate a National Consultation with Teens living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, NGOs and government officials.

Be it a one-on-one session, or with large groups, Fif’senergy, authenticity, and spark for life radiate from the depths of her soul into the heart of her audiences. Whether you need to be quiet and reflective or squeal with delight, Fif will guide you on a wonder-filled journey of self-discovery and beyond. Some Certificates and degrees Fif received her BFA (Drama) Specializing in Theatre for Young Audiences from the University of Calgary, holds certificates as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT), Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT), Certified Humor Professional (CHP) with the AATH, USA. She has been performing professionally (ACTRA, UBCP, CAEA) teaching and facilitating various retreats and workshops internationally since 1984. She has also directed and produced for television. And she is a member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers). In spite of all these certificates, Fif still struggles with spelling and math!

Cool courses that Fif has attended: Brain Gym with Dr Paul Dennison with founder Laughter Yoga Teacher Cert with Founder Dr, Madan Kataria Virtues Project Leader NLP Master Practitioner (Certification has expired though) Years of theatre sports and improv with Keith Johnstone(father of theatre sports)