Samuka da India

Facilitator of Capoeira Retreat

            Samuka da India first started practicing dance and martial arts at the age of 5. He continued to train in both over the course of his life, and at the age of 16 also developed an interest in music. When Sam first discovered Capoeira at the age of 18, he realised he had finally found a form of art that combined the beauty of dance, the strength of martial arts, as well as his passion for music. He instantly connected to it, and over the next few years, he developed his skill and worked hard to deepen his understanding of the form.

            In 2006, he moved to Auroville, and helped expose the community to Capoeira and its culture. He conducts regular classes that are open to people of all ages. Since then, he has travelled to Brazil to further expand his knowledge of the traditions behind Capoeira. Sam was eager to go back to the source of Capoeira, and to study it in all of its many forms. What he especially loves about Capoeira is that no two Capoeristas practice in the same way, and even students of the same master will have their own unique style.

            After studying the different varieties of Capoeria, Sam found his niche. His interest is in keeping the tradition alive, while also allowing it grow and gain power from contemporary practices. Sam makes his own Capoeira instruments at Svaram, and even here is constantly innovating and exploring new and unique styles. He enjoys creating his own sound to suit different situations.

Sam considers Capoeira to be not just a part of his life, but his life itself. As it brings together the strength of tradition, the energy of the contemporary exploration and a drive towards constant progress and creation, he feels it is a perfect expression of himself. Sam firmly believes that Capoeira is one of the rare forms of art that allows people to develop a complete understanding of themselves, and of the world around them.