Facilitator of Pregnancy, Family and Couples Retreat

My name is Allison Lu, founder of The Dolphin’s Way and co-founder of The Dolphin Generation.
I was a mathematician, teacher and post-graduate student. I studied maths, education and technology at the University of Cambridge in the UK.
Six years ago, with a burning desire to explore the world and life outside of the box, I embarked upon a world traveling adventure. It has been an incredible, enlightening experience that continues through this very day!
As most women can attest, pregnancy was a very transformative experience. My pregnancy was transformative in another way, as it rekindled my love of dolphins; a passion with roots that can be traced back to early childhood. I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to swim with wild dolphins as I was pregnant and the joyful and healing experience was beyond that which mere words can convey!
I went on to enjoy a peaceful, natural birth while living in Hawaii. It was these two very transformative experiences that led me to my lot in life; my mission; my reason for being.
Today, I spend my time engaged in my passions as a writer, retreat facilitator and a natural birth advocate, who finds tremendous inspiration in dolphin energies.