World Game Facilitator

Aikya was born in Belgium and moved to Auroville more than 20 years ago, in search of her true purpose: finding Oneness Consciousness and Beauty, the way of the Creative Shakti.

It was in Auroville that she was first introduced to the ‘World Game’. 

Due to her background in psychology, she was familiar with the concept of Sandplay, and its use as a therapeutic practice, but for her it was clear that in Auroville it would be used as a tool to know oneself, which is in effect the core of all learning.

Aikya facilitates the World Game as an intimation into the art of living experience.

She works with The Learning Community, an informal school, where she offers World Game sessions, and, more recently nature connection explorations. 

Children are still very close to their true heart, which is why she especially likes to work with them. Her wish is to inspire people to come closer to the dreams that are in their deeper heart and to share moments of Presence which can be felt all around, in nature and in beauty and harmonies.


Aikya has recently published a book called ‘Glimpses of Wonder: Children in Auroville, Creating Worlds on Sand.’