Facilitator of Life Coaching sessions

After travelling around India in search of some answers to my inner quest, I settled in Auroville in my early twenties. I was interested in spirituality, self-development and self-healing, which I believe eventually leads to being able to help others to heal themselves. My first modality was Shiatsu, which I learnt in Sri Lanka, then in Auroville I studied Acupuncture, became a Reiki master, learnt Hypnosis, received a 3 years’ full therapist training in Reflexology, learnt mediation and got a diploma in Life Coaching in France.

It is interesting to notice in my Life Coaching sessions that the majority of people who come from middle class Indian families are looking for someone like me – a woman of western origin –to help them answer existential questions on spiritual topics. These questions are very similar to the ones I came to India with, for which I sought the answers in Indian philosophy. A lot of women in Auroville are looking for alternative forms of education for their children. Many of them come hoping to find out how to embrace new approaches to spirituality and make it a part of their active modern life.

What is my mission in life? To learn to align myself with my inner guide more and more every day in order to be a useful instrument of the divine force, supreme consciousness or whatever we want to call it. I believe there is a new consciousness that is manifesting itself on the planet in order to heal humanity, so our planet can be saved from human insanity. I realize more and more that what we need to do in this process is very simple but for some reasons very difficult for most people: to quiet the mind and simply be, in a movement of openness and gratitude for all the daily small miracles of life, which would blossom in front of our eyes if we only knew how to see... I fully believe in the contagious effect of inner work. I believe that when I give a session of any type the main work consists of aligning myself, not of purposefully transferring something to people. I only help people to realign themselves and get in contact with the deeper consciousness within. Once realignment happens all necessary healing happens by itself. I also help people to become conscious of their patterns, of their habitual behavior. I am not the one healing anything, I am only helping people to reconnect with their own healing power, with the inherent mind-body intelligence that each of us carries.

If there is one message I would like to impart to people is that they should try to get in touch with their heart and learn to love, accept and respect themselves. I believe that the only way to find happiness is in making peace with one’s inner conflicts. We need to remember who we are behind the turmoil of our mind and emotions, and not be so focused on our life dramas and what we lack, but rather on all the abundance constantly flowing in our lives in the form of blossoming daily miracles of beauty.

Vani facilitates life coaching sessions for the One Family retreat.