• Hearts in Harmony

    Building harmonious relationships

Stress and fatigue are the enemies of any relationship. Many couples end up disconnected due to the preassures of modern life. The solution and the way back to love, lies in a process that most couples are unaware of, and/or have not put in place within the relation.

In this residential Retreat, couples learn how to blend playfulness into the relationship, with exercises designed to keep the relation both healthy and strong, to start moving forward again.

The aim of the Retreat is to create joy, love, passion and intimacy, and set the foundation for a lifetime of togetherness. This is open for a maximum of 5 couples only.  

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This Hearts in Harmony Retreat is a gentle, restorative and clarifying process that will (if you let it) re-establish your relationship and make it better than it ever was.

The Retreat is for commited couples only, and ideal for those who wish to make their relationship stronger than it ever was. Couples will explore Trust, Respect and Commitment to renew their love for each other. This retreat is open to all couples who have been together for years, or are just beginning the relationship. It does not matter that you are still in love and happy in your relationship, or in crisis and at the brink of ending your relationship. 

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In this retreat couples are guided through powerful and dynamic exercises that can be practiced and experienced privately with each other. These exercises have been designed to guide you to:
  • deepen your intimacy
  • communicate in an effective and loving manner
  • gain conflict resolution skills
  • learn how to problem-solve,
  • open to what you both want for each other and your relationship
  • develop respect, trust, love and compassion for each other
  • create the vision for a relationship to last a lifetime
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The retreat will be co-facilitated by Juan and Allison. For almost ten years, the two of them have been best of friends, lived as a family, travelled across the world multiple times and learned tons of life's lessons together. For the most important part, they have loved each other to be able to go through all the challenges, obstacles, and hard times together.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. It took mutual learning for the relationship to grow stronger over time. They are here to share how to get going in the face of challenges, understand one another better and allow the genuine love that exsits in all of us to guide the relationship. 

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The fees for this retreat is INR 8800 per couple. This includes workshop sessions as indicated in the schedule below. For Aurovilians, the retreat is on a contribution basis.

Complete your registration process by clicking on "Book Your Retreat" button at the top of this page.

This is a residential retreat taking place at Verite Community in Auroville, and we recommend staying there. More details are in the next slide. 

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Vérité offers a simple, healthy "eco-home-stays" where you can nourish yourself with delicious food. Vérité is known for its sustainable infrastructure, alternative energy (principally solar), a community-based guest house, organic garden, orchard and kitchen, as well as its facilities for retreats.

Accomodation charges are around Rs. 2000 per night, for a double bedroom with attached bathroom. This includes 3 vegetarian meals, wifi and laundry. For a single bedroom with shared bathroom, room tariff is around Rs. 1850. Tariff varies between high season and low season - contact us for up to date prices.

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This Retreat is a unique combination and balance of playfulness, restorative activities and time spent investing and enhancing the quality of your relationship. Besides a fresh start in your relationship you and your partner will gain cherished memories of the experience that will last a lifetime.
DAY 1:
09:30 to 12:00: Arrival 
13:00 to 14:00: Registration
14:00 to 15:30: Refresh by changing the dynamic between you and your partner
15:30 to 16:00: Tea
16:00 to 17:00: Repair broken connections between you and your partner by sharing a willingness to have it be different and a commitment to be different yourself
DAY 2:
09:30 to 12:00: Restore the fundamentals of trust, respect, communication and appreciation by changing the conversation, both internally and externally.
12:00 to 15:00: Lunch & Rest
15:30 to 17:00: Re-Ignite your natural affection, love and passion for each other.
DAY 3:
09:30 to 11:00: Rejuvenate together by making a commitment to create ways for each partner to rejuvenate their core being and center themselves within the relationship and within the hectic, complicated world we live in.
11:00-11:30: snacks
11:30-12:00: Closing Ceremony
This retreat is open for max. 5 couples only. Please inquire and check availability before booking.
Couple counselling sessions are available in the morning of 13th January and in the afternoon of 17th January. Time slots are limited, please book at least 2 weeks ahead. This individual couples counselling is at an additional cost.