• Birth Into Love

    Loving connection with your unborn child

Pregnancy is a time of growth, awareness and anticipation. Creating a new life is one of the world’s most powerful experiences, and as awe-inspiring as it may be, it comes with a certain amount of stress.

In this retreat, you can allow yourself to engage with activities that enhance your sense of being, your spirituality and your connection to your child. 

Relax your body, mind and soul in this healing space and be nurtured by 3 days of profound experiences. During this journey you will learn about a loving way to welcome your baby to the world and be inspired to give birth with ease and joy!

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Are you ready to -

  • Create the birth that you have always been dreaming of?
  • Step out of your fear and into your miraculous birth experience?
  • Grow your spirituality and well-being through the welcoming of your child?

This retreat aims to help you to -

  • Get started with daily practice to nurture your body, mind, spirit and your baby
  • Connect to your baby through visualisation and guided meditation
  • Create your own birth story and co-create your dream birth
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Your baby’s birth transforms your life, and propels you into the incredible world of motherhood. Learn ways to ease the anxieties and bring joy into the experience. Celebrate the birth of your child, and your rebirth into a new you! With our workshops, you can connect, communicate and strengthen your bond with your child, and learn affirmations to disarm your fears about labour and birth.

Learn about a variety of birth options, such as water birth, orgasmic birth, undisturbed birth and lotus birth, and discuss the benefits of breast-feeding, co-sleeping, the nappy-free approach and conscious parenting.

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After a life-transforming experience of birthing her child in Hawaii and being blessed by swimming with wild dolphins, Allison has now found her real passion in life. She was inspired to research into conscious birthing, and has dedicated her life to the wellbeing of families. She has been travelling around the world for six years and has been sharing her knowledge on conscious pregnancy, conscious relationship and lifestyle for families.

She facilitates workshops and retreats for pregnant couples and families around the world and is currently living in Auroville, India. Please visit her website for more information: thedolphinsway.com.

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The participation fees for the retreat are INR 5,800 per person & INR 8,800 for a couple, and by contribution for Aurovilians. 

This 3-day retreat price includes a daily yoga/energy exercise session and 2 workshops each day. Accommodation, transport and other expenses are additional. 



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This will take place in Auroville, a place of unending education and an experiment in human unity. Auroville has won international acclaim for its efforts in social and environmental sustainability, and has developed innovative techniques in bodywork & healing.

Auroville is an international community with over 2000 people from around 50 different countries. Located 8km from Pondicherry, 3 hours drive from Chennai city/airport (150km) along the scenic East Coast Road (ECR) and 8 hours by an AC sleeper bus from Bangalore (350km).

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DAY 1:

09:30 to 11:00: Opening Introduction/ Conscious Birth Workshop

11:00 to 11:30: Snacks

11:30 to 13:00: Prenatal Yoga

13:00 to 15:00: Lunch & Rest

15:30 to 17:00: Empowering Birthing Stories

DAY 2:

09:30 to 11:00: Energy Balance Exercise (Qi-gong & yoga)

11:00 to 11:30: Snacks

11:30 to 13:00: Birth Affirmation and Co-create your ideal Birth Story

13:00 to 15:00: Lunch & Rest

15:30 to 17:00: Love your Baby Art

DAY 3:

09:30 to 11:00: Pregnancy Yoga

11:00 to 11:30: Snacks

11:30 to 13:00:  Pain to Power Workshop

13:00 to 15:00: Lunch & Rest

15:30 to 17:00: Blessing Way Ceremony


This pregnancy retreat is ideal for pregnant women in the second trimester, while first and third trimester would also be fine providing that mothers and babies are in good health condition. It is encouraged that couples join the retreat together as it is a great opportunity to learn, prepare for birth and grow togehter.