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    Introduction to a Yogic Lifestyle

Are you longing to feel more at home in your body, with more energy throughout your day? Do you want to handle stress and the demands of daily life in a balanced manner, and experience a sense of deep relaxation and ease? Renew your connection with yourself and Life in this custom 1-on-1 Retreat.

Yoga is an ancient science and practical system to maintain health and wellbeing of the body, cultivate a balanced and peaceful state of mind and inquire into your true nature. This Retreat will provide you with a solid foundation in the principles of Yoga as an integral practice to complement your daily lifestyle. You will receive individual guidance in your practice of postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation.

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This Retreat is open to all regardless of gender, age or level of experience, and is especially designed for those looking for an introduction to Yoga. You will have space to experience the practice of Yoga in your own pace, and with ample opportunity to clarify any questions or doubts.

The facilitator will adapt the practice to your health condition, if needed, and will give you recommendations on how to continue your yogic journey on your own. Having had a taste of the benefits of Yoga on body and mind, you will leave this Retreat inspired to carry yoga into your daily life – for a healthy body, a peaceful state of mind, and a deep sense of purpose and meaning.

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Kerstin got introduced to the practice of Yoga in 2007 and has been practicing in the tradition of Swami Sivananda Saraswati and Swami Vishnudevananda Saraswati ever since. Since 2012, she is internationally certified as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200). Having served as a resident staff and teacher in yoga centres in New Delhi and Bangkok, she has taught group classes, beginner courses, individual private classes as well as kids’ yoga classes. She especially enjoys guiding people in their first steps in Yoga.

Kerstin has been living in India since 2011, and works with individuals and groups in the area of personal transformation as a yoga teacher, certified professional coach and cross-cultural mediator.

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This individual retreat is priced at Rs. 7500. Additional sessions can be scheduled at Rs. 2500 per session.
This includes facilitator and venue fees as well as materials needed for each session. This does not include food, accommdation and transport.
The three sessions will be scheduled during your stay in Auroville, based on mutual availablility. For optimal result, please allow yourself time after sessions to reflect and absorb the healing before taking any active movements.


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This will take place in Auroville, a place of unending education and an experiment in human unity. Auroville has won international acclaim for its efforts in social and environmental sustainability, and has developed innovative techniques in bodywork & healing.

Auroville is an international community with over 2000 people from around 50 different countries. Located 8km from Pondicherry, 3 hours drive from Chennai city/airport (150km) along the scenic East Coast Road (ECR) and 8 hours by an AC sleeper bus from Bangalore (350km).

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Set in a green-forested area close to the sea, Auroville provides a perfect ambience with its rustic setting, and a creative and vibrant community. Participants will stay within Auroville and travel to different locations throughout their stay, accompanied by our program coordinators. Accommodation, food, transport, hostess for children and other logistics are optional extras, and we can assist you in making the necessary arrangements. Contact us on any of the following: 

Cell: +91-9655696982

Email: info@aurovilleretreat.org

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This is an individual Retreat for individuals or couples, and comprises a minimum of 4 sessions of 120 minutes each.

The final practice sequence is gradually built up session by session, each containing an introduction to selected principles of yoga as a holistic lifestyle, breathing techniques, warm-up exercises, a set of basic postures, and guided final relaxation and meditation.