• Integral Being

    Health, Harmony and Happiness

Improve your wellbeing in the three primary dimensions by learning an integrated exercise program that can be practiced in just 30 minutes per day to enjoy a new level of physical wellbeing with higher energy levels. The root cause of stress and learn of micro-break and micro-meditation techniques that could be easily folded into your busy life-style, enabling you to enjoy a new level of inner harmony, emotional wellbeing and personal productivity. Be happier through a fusion of cutting-edge scientific research and ancient wisdom. Happier people are more successful and healthier, experiencing the “Joy of being alive”

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The pace of modern life and its challenges are increasing day by day. While you learn the skills required in your work, you hardly learn the tools and techniques you need to succeed in all the dimensions of life. Success in life includes a satisfying career, material wealth, good health, fulfilling relationships, inner peace, happiness and a zest for life. This interactive, experiential and non-religious retreat is a primer to find your pathway to success through the principal dimensions of life – health, harmony and happiness. If you are committed to live a life that you love, you are invited to participate in this retreat.

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You learn tools and techniques for all round well being. The tools and techniques are of proven efficacy, simple to practice and easy to fold into your busy lifestyle. You will gain the ability to manage physical and emotional stress on-line and be actually happier, whatever the circumstances and situations in your life might be. By devoting just 2% of the 24 hours in your day, you would improve your fitness, boost your immune system and enjoy higher energy levels. The 360 degree wellbeing transforms your experience of being alive and empowers you fulfil your dreams.

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The Retreat will be held at Sharnga's (Community) New Yoga Hall from 9am to 5pm on both days, with a break for lunch and tea. Please come at 8:45 am on Saturday i.e. Feburary 14th to register on the spot.  Please call +91-9843948288 to register for the retreat.

Ensure you get plenty of rest after the Retreat on both days, to assimilate the days' learnings.