• Sounds & Healing

    Tuning ourselves with Sound

Join us for this amazing weekend where you will learn to use your voice as a tool to heal yourself and others. You will also learn some techniques of energy medicine that will balance your chakras, and "re-program" your emotions to achieve harmony, peace and well being. This Retreat will help you to transform and explore yourself through your own voice. You will learn how to align and tune your body as a musical instrument, in order to free your vocal expression, which is often caught up in the mind. And at last but not least, you will learn to re-connect and play with your voice, experiencing the joy and the healing power of spontaneous singing.

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“Our voice is our most creative and musical instrument. It has great power to touch our lives and the lives of others. The more we learn to link the use of breath, mind, and voice, the greater our own power in life. As we increase our awareness of their power, and as we learn to control their use, we open ourselves to worlds that once were merely the product of an overly active imagination… Everyone is musical. Everyone holds the gift of music within them. It is intrinsic to the nature of us all, without exception. Music is healing, and we must make it a conscious and active part of our lives. Music and rhythm are life itself.” (Ted Andrews, SpiritSound.com)

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Yves has been teaching workshops for over 14 years in the West and the East. He has spent 8 years in universities and colleges, plus a number of years studying healing techniques, but he learns the most of everyday life, as well as from the people he interacts with. He is an avid learner, and being in service to others is his priority. His main focus is to live in the present, while helping others with his gifts in healing oneself.

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Saturday, 13th December  
09:00 to 09:30: Registration and introductions
09:30 to 11:00: The voice: our healing tool
11:00 to 11:30: Sound healing demo
11:30 to 13:00: Lunch break
13:00 to 15:00: Sound healing practice
15:30 to 17:00: Chakra balancing with Energy Medicine
Sunday, 14th December  
09:30 to 11:00: Voice practice for healing
11:00 to 11:30: Chakra balancing practice
11:30 to 13:00: Lunch break
13:00 to 17:00: Emotion re-programming demo and practice
17:00 to 17:30: Closing circle