• ATB 2

    Deepening the basics

Awareness Through the Body 2 (ATB 2) - Offers a space where one can go within and perceive the different planes that form the being and have the possibility to enter in contact with the wider sense of self. With activity and games that nurture the learning process of increasing our capacity to be present. 

This workshop focuses on: • opening and refining the senses • exploration of emotions • group dynamics • awareness of the Physical Structure while noticing their effects on the Planes of the Being.

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The exercises provide ways for individuals to discover and explore the body, and through the body to awaken the consciousness of the entire being. All the activities, within their particular focus, work towards that goal.

All the activity within their particular focus, aims to create a space for exploring the ability to cultivate the observer within, which brings you to find better ways of “using oneself". ATB 2 is a certificate program, for those who have attended ATB 1 before. It is open to those who are acquainted with the ATB practice or similar practices. 

Some exercises and games have been incorporated from a wide variety of disciplines; they are creative and often fun. To learn more about Awareness Through the Body, visit the ATB Website

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ATB has been created and implemented in Auroville schools since 1992, by Aloka Marti and Joan Sala, based on their personal experience following the spiritual path of integral yoga and the idea of integral education. ATB is one of them, that has been developed from a close interaction with children for more than 20 years. Joan and Aloka have published a book, that has been translated into 5 languages. The programme has proven to be popular with students, and effective in attaining objectives, such as enhancing concentration, developing awareness, refining the senses, understanding and managing emotions, developing a sense of collaboration with others, and establishing a contact with the observer within.

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Amir will facilitate this Retreat. He left Israel in 2000 with his wife Tamar on a journey to India, leaving behind life & own business. After 3 years of study and exposure to diverse disciplines aimed at expanding consciousness, they joined Auroville, where years of research gave birth to the ATB Program in Auroville schools.

Amir was trained as an ATB facilitator under the guidance of Aloka Marti and Joan Sala. He sees ATB as a tool that aspires to facilitate a process of inner growth, to allow a chain of changes to unfold and manifest for a better life, and a better planet.” Today, Amir is focused on reaching out with this discipline into wider India, Israel and South Africa.

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Experience three days exploring a wide variety of exercises and games to come to know yourself better. The retreat starts on Saturday morning at 8.30am and ends on Monday at 5.00pm. The Retreat price includes tea & snacks only. Their will be a pot Luck for lunch. The Retreat price does not include accommodation and meals.