• Body in Light

    Unleash the healer within

In this 3-day healing retreat we discover and develop our divine healing power. "Body in Light" is based on the ancient knowledge called "Circle of Life”, which teaches us to reconnect with our divine source. The widening and empowering of our main energy channel allows the divine healing light to heal us from within. The cells get reorganized according to divine order. With this method we can see immediate results on the level of the body.

We learn to understand the amazing power we have to create our own reality. We become conscious of our habits of thought and action and start a process of self-transformation.

So let us start tapping into that inner power and bringing in more light into every moment of our lives…

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Day 1: We playfully explore ourselves and our ability to change our reality. We try to understand the impact of the outer world and our past experiences on our well being and how we can achieve changes on all levels of our lives. We find the space where we can create true compassionate connections from heart to heart. We explore present-moment awareness and how to become responsible for ourselves and our wellbeing. We learn how to access the life we really want and how we can create the life we dream about.

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Day 2: Having understood our creative power, we come to realize that often we unconsciously create what we do not want as well. This is due to unconscious patterns of behavior that we all have. We start to understand the deep inner messages, explore our patterns and look at our inner wounds from past experiences. We explore aspects of our body, mind and soul and how they interact with each other. Through a number of exercises we look at ourselves with deep empathy and aim to reach a point of self acceptance and self love. We learn ways to heal disharmonious parts of our life and we become aware of our habits of thought and action and allow a process of self-transformation. We work with pain relief methods and inner child work.

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Day 3: We delve into the higher dimensions of healing and we learn to use the ancient technique called “Circle of Life”. This technique has the ability to manifest the divine light and the divine power within us and reorganize our cell information in accordance with our divine source. We explore our chakra system, the aura and the power of kundalini energy. Frequencies, sounds, number codes and the divine healing power hidden within ourselves  is also the focus of the last day. We learn not only how to heal ourselves, but others too. We embrace our own divine healing power, our true selves!

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Experience three days in Auroville exploring your innate power to heal yourswelf and heal others. The retreat starts on Friday morning at 9.00am and ends on Sunday at 5pm.