Other Testimonials


The Joyful Living retreat was one of the best experiences of my life. I'm incredibly glad I signed up for it. I am a stronger, happier, more positive person now that i learned so much about myself and life. Thank you Julie! 


Crete 2015
Joyful Living II


Thank you so much for holding the space and designing a perfect programme. I feel so light and happy now and full of excitement about knowing myself better.



Live Your Essence


Julie did a fabulous job in getting everyone at the retreat to feel at ease immediately and open up. It was a great experience and an eye opener. It made me introspect myself from a different perspective. Was filled with a positive vibe throughout. 


04 February 2015
Live Your Essence


Inspiring, attitude changing. An opportunity to take a good look at yourself, listen to your heart, and have fun with amazing people! 



Live Your Essence