Other Testimonials

   Jaishree has a thorough understanding of `The Work’ of Byron Katie and has taken enough care to maintain the integrity of the process while facilitating her workshop  

April 2015
Freedom in Inquiry

   A clear and coherent structure to self enquiry!  

April 2015
Freedom in Inquiry


I am very happy with the way the sessions were planned and designed for the first timers. The facilitator was friendly, soft spoken and asked for feedback after each set. Ms. Kerstin made sure that we were comfortable while practising and are not overexerting ourselves. The place where the sessions were organised was quiet and beautiful.

I have been doing yoga regularly every morning after the retreat. I start my day with a feeling of calmness and I feel fresh throughout the day. I am able to stay focused and full of energy. The mind stays clear and it aids in idea generation and a quick thought process.

I strongly recommend the retreat for everyone. It is important to start this practice under the supervision of an experienced teacher, as it helps to build a strong foundation. Ms. Kerstin a trained yoga teacher can help you kick start a very good habit.


13 April 2015
Yoga Foundation


Jaishree is sharing the technique from a place of authenticity - it was very obvious that she applies it in her own life with great commitment. I enjoyed watching her facilitate The Work for participants, and I have gained a good first introduction to the technique to investigate my own thought patterns. Thank you to Auroville Retreat and Jaishree for bringing The Work to Auroville!


6 April 2015
Freedom in Inquiry