Other Testimonials


“Amazing Retreat. Perfect price. Would be nice to be longer! Tia did an amazing job at making us all feel comfortable. I now feel so creative and free. Thanks Tia!!!”.



Art Therapy Level 2


Some of the methods shared in the workshop to overcome situations in life which I considered really difficult has turned out to be very simple and I intend to practice those methods thoroughly for better consciousness and well being.


18 February 2015
Integral Being


From participating in Jaishree's workshop, you get a deep sense of how much she is committed to this process and applies it in her own life; her facilitation comes from a place of authenticity and openness. I am grateful to have been introduced to The Work (of Byron Katie) by her to shed light on my own thought patterns.


6 April 2015
Freedom in Inquiry

   It was great for me to realize the huge part of problems that was made up in my mind! I will consider things/life/issues differently now ☺  

April 2015
Freedom in Inquiry