Other Testimonials


“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to open up towards myself through art, we do need more of this! This experience was great and well timed. I enjoyed the fact that both, individual and collective projects were part of this. Plus, the aspect of journaling and sharing to others gives me great learning experience, because I think it’s very important we learn to express ourselves clearly, openly and confidently.”



Create & Transform


I did my jucie detox from 27th to 29th jan. I had a wonderful experience doing it. Enjoyed every bit. Felt lighter after the detox, had more energy.  Anandi was very courtreous and welcoming. Answered all the queries with patience. I will recomend the detox to everyone.  Hope to return to Auroville soon.


January 2015
Reboot with Juice


“Workshop was well organized. Loved the exercises chosen for us, food was yummy. Tia, thank you very much for taking us through step by step…. End of the day it felt like I had been through a deep meditation.”



Create & Transform


“Like the title says it is really transforming……I really feel a lot different than the first day I walked into this room. I could not thank you (Tia) enough, you are just amazing. Thank you again for having me in your group.”



Create & Transform