Other Testimonials

   For me it was first time however, it was a complete unwinding experience!!!! I feel we all should be kind enough to ourself to spend a splendidly crafted day by Bhakti Veda to experience our very own SELF. We miss that all the time!!!! Many thanks to Veda for inviting me for the workshop.  


Expressive Therapy

   Yayyy!!!! I really enjoyed myself at the workshop and found it very rejuvenating. It was a wonderful escape from hectic routine and a lot of fun. A rare opportunity for self expression and reflection. I hope I have the chance like that in the future as well. I recommended this program to all my co-workers as well.  


Expressive Therapy

   MINDBLOWING WORKSHOP - LITERALLY! Shedding inhibitions & bringing people back to themselves is what this workshop is all about. U would love to become a child again and enjoy the freedom they enjoy. In a nutshell, at the start u feel a bit "Awkward" doing such childish acts and at the end u feel "Fresh & Full of Life" Brilliant workshop Veda, hope u help many more people get closer to themselves.  


Expressive Therapy

   I have had the wonderful opportunity of knowing Capt. (Retd), J V Avadhanalu, short and sweetly JV, since the year 2011. His command on the subjects of philosophy, personality development, management coupled with his great humility, draws him closer to one and all in the audience. I had the opportunity to invite him for a Workshop on the title "Fulfil Your Dreams" for our MBA and MCA students on 6 Feb 2014 . He captivated all by his simplicity, content, quality delivery and above connect with everyone present. The excellent feedback from the students is testimonial to his calibre. I as an individual and head of a business school recommend him for training all, especially young minds. I pray that he continues his endeavour for excellence.  


Integral Being