Other Testimonials

   your class was fantastic !! If you have time tomorrow for an astrological consultation I would love to have one anytime that suits you  

August 2014
Astrology Retreat


I liked it so much that I want to practice more and eventually introduce acroyoga to the kids of my sports program


22 August 2014
AcroYoga Retreat


I really enjoyed and learnt from this workshop. I have improved my coordination and balance in postures and got to know about areas which I have to work upon.Both the facilitators were fabulous and complemented each other. Mark was the more enthusiastic one egging us to go for more while Damien had the more pragmatic outlook: he made us realize that its ok if we dont do certain postures. The entire group projected diversity yet cooperation was on the forefront. I was really thankful to Vikram to allow my wife and son to be there, though they had not registered for the workshop.


21 August 2014
AcroYoga Retreat


Both facilitators were extremely good and made sure everybody was able to do the postures, very good connection. Wonderful discovery of AcroYoga thanks to this retreat, it was a great moment! It may be better to have venue with a fan next time!


20 August 2014
AcroYoga Retreat