Other Testimonials


I enjoyed expressing myself in a completely different way than I usually would. The absorption and focus on finding and placing the objects brings about a sense of peace in quiet discovery. The session with Aikya is held in a natural environment, and the beauty and diversity of the objects adds to the, literally, wonder-ful experience. Very recommended.

February 2017
World Game


An excellent course in co-creative coaching, helping develop communication, intuition, and interaction skills with other people. These skills enable one to understand human emotion at a much deeper level. Taught with heart and soul! Highly recommended for anyone who cares about improving their relationships in any area of life.



Joyful Living


The art of listening workshop helps you to discovery your own beauties, reconnect with your inner values and your deepest Truth.


February 2017
The Art of Listening


This class was exactly what I needed at that time. I felt in good hands. Not directed but softly guided to solutions or even different angles of seeing my difficulties. I felt more clear and filled with positive energy. Thank you!!



Inner Discovery