Other Testimonials


The workshop on public speaking opened the new dimensions of how we can think and explore the options of public speaking. It was not the conventional type but unconventional, engaging and quite enthralling. It was well beyond our expectations.


3 September 2016
Happy Feet


A stay at Auroville is a break worth taking from normal routine life. It is a place where you experience mix of all cultures; a place where you can be your self.


3 September 2016
Happy Feet


I wanted to take my family for a different sort of vacation this time. My daughter was not exactly impressed when I talked about it, but now she wants to return to Auroville at the earliest. Thanks to Abhimanyu and Auroville Retreat for an enriching experience.



Family Retreat


The workshop helped me face my fear of speaking in public, which I had been carrying with me for a long time. Now i have sort of control over my fear when speaking in public.



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