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The retreat for inner discovery was helpful in getting an insight on myself and with this greater awareness improve the way in which i interact with those closest to me.



Energy Healing


This was an excellent workshop, extremely helpful for public speaking, as well as everyday communication. Jesse is an expert in the subject where he bring his experience in both acting and communication. He shared his knowledge in practical way, using practices throughout the workshop. I am delighted with workshop, in both content, and how it was delivered. I sincerely believe this workshop is essential for any current or aspiring public speaker!



Speak to Inspire


In morning session the breathing techniques which he gave us were very clearly instructed and the session was actionable meditation, it will be really helpful for me in day to day life, and the afternoon session had practically removed my blockages in expression dialog and improved my pause theory :) it built up my confidence.



Speak to Inspire


Great experience!


3 September 2016
Happy Feet