Other Testimonials


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to open up towards myself through art, we do need more of this! This experience was great and well timed. I enjoyed the fact that both individual and collective projects were part of this. Plus, the aspect of journaling and sharing to others gives a great learning experience, because I think it is very important that we learn to express ourselves clearly, openly and confidently.



Create & Transform


The Body in Light retreat was like a warm bath from the moment of registration, through the days of the retreat till checking out. I would only have regrets if I did not participate in this retreat.


December 2013
Body in Light


You need to understand what Auroville stands for and believes in to truly appreciate what Auroville is. My personal experience of the retreat that my husband and I went for - I am so glad I did this for myself . I have received so much more than what I went there expecting.



Energy Healing


The retreat for inner discovery was helpful in getting an insight on myself and with this greater awareness improve the way in which i interact with those closest to me.



Energy Healing