Other Testimonials

   Often I have the sense in the retreats that they are for the participants not so much about stepping out, drawing back or just relaxing, but opening into a new adventure, diving deeper or reaching up, getting in touch with ones inherent creative potential and listening to owns dreams, seeing the possibility of visions manifest. As a facilitator it is a delight to be able to not only observe, but share and be part of these enriching processes.   

September 2012
Body Mind Soul

   I just loved it!   

September 2012
Body Mind Soul


It's so wonderful seeing all these people experience Auroville!!!


25 September 2012
Unwind Yourself


The retreat was full of experiences out of my comfort zone which ultimately liberated energies and allowed me to breath more freely, more openly and feel the sunshine in my heart. I realized that life is a celebration and that I want to sing and I want to dance to the gods for the benefit of all. I pray that this insight will last. It still does.


August 2012
Body Mind Soul