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The retreat was one of the most exciting and live-changing holidays I’ve ever taken. Surrounded by lovely people within an amazing natural environment of flowers and olive trees, I experienced how to live more joyful in daily life and give a smile to the world.



Joyful Living


The day of introduction to Auroville has made a lasting impact on me. When I got "home" to my guest house that evening I felt light and happy and full of energy. It was wonderful! I really liked the "experience school" that you guys have developed for your kids.


17 December 2015
Sense of Auroville


A most refreshing and inspiring experience to be reminded of the things that make me feel truly joyful and empowered. There were times when my usual negative mental/emotional patterns emerged, and it was extremely helpful to have the tools there and then at hand to work with these patterns with awareness and love :-)



Joyful Living


This Retreat was so full of great energy and openness. Tia created and facilitated a fabulous atmosphere where many were able to open up and experience a journey of self- discovery that was fun, sometimes in silence, very potent and always a creative adventure.



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