Other Testimonials


This is a good program for first timers to life coaching. Its very well managed. The surrounding environment makes it very absorbing and beneficial for health and for general well-being. I would recommend this program to all. The yoga and meditation exercises were quite good.


Joyful Living


Julie lives from the heart, she is graceful and skillful and has a beautiful way of working, you can feel her presence throughout the retreat, joyful living 1 was a great experiance and was shared with a diverse and loving group of now friends. I would recommend working with Julie and attending a retreat to anybody on a journey of self discovery


Joyful Living


I really appreciate this workshop, that brings me more far away as what I thought! The second day was easier for my and my level of introspection, or perhaps because of the work that has been done on the first day?


14 October 2014


The retreat was one of the most exciting and live-changing holidays I’ve ever taken. Surrounded by lovely people within an amazing natural environment of flowers and olive trees, I experienced how to live more joyful in daily life and give a smile to the world.



Joyful Living