Other Testimonials


I liked the approach of leaving behind judging and analizing that is often done in astrology to intuative feeling, seeing the whole and embrace everything as it is.



Astrology Retreat


I had difficulty in walking.when i was practicing the pranayama sessions of jv,after anyear. i was able to walk 2 -2.1/2km distance effortlessly .later i went round the tiruvannamalaihill 6 no. of times.I followed many of his micro-and guided meditations of jv that were held at other places in AV and regularity helped me in improving my stamina and personal capacities.



Health & Happiness


Juan is very kind and professional. He is very easy to communicate with, very open and mindful of the client's needs. Our sessions were comfortable. I had a great experience overall and I learned great exercises that will help me for life. Thank you Juan!


Energy Healing


Julie is a wonderful coach . Glad I attended it . Was fun and insightful. Look forward to attending joyful retreat II


Joyful Living