Other Testimonials


I am delighted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the programme at the Auroville Art Therapy Retreat.  It has kindled a desire in me to be creative and I am sure that most of the participants would try their hands at some form of creative art - whether it is painting, poetry or sculpture.  I remembered my childhood days when I used to experiement with sketches, but in course of time, more material matters occupied my attention and left no time for me to concentrate on such creative skills. I shall certiainly look forward to such programmes in the future.  Please do keep me informed.



Create & Transform


It was a good event. The most beautiful part of the event is we were able to take back an experience, memory.



Body Mind Soul


The retreat gave a good insight inti our process of thinking. I would strongly recommend it for all



Freedom in Inquiry


It was a great experience and an eye opener. It made me introspect myself from a different perspective. Was filled with a positive vibe throughout.



Joyful Living