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I am grateful for the experience



Speak to Inspire


I think Auroville is like alive life. I'm very moved their efforts. Auroville is not paradise. but Auroville is growing at this moment for spiritual and sustainable development. (whole areas are touched!!!! to me)



Body Mind Soul


A refreshing, easy and insightful experience in learning about yourself and your environment, strengthening your bonds with family in a hectic world and connecting with your humanity.



Happy Feet


I am delighted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the programme at the Auroville Art Therapy Retreat.  It has kindled a desire in me to be creative and I am sure that most of the participants would try their hands at some form of creative art - whether it is painting, poetry or sculpture.  I remembered my childhood days when I used to experiement with sketches, but in course of time, more material matters occupied my attention and left no time for me to concentrate on such creative skills. I shall certiainly look forward to such programmes in the future.  Please do keep me informed.



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