Other Testimonials


01. Capoiera was so much fun just no clarity on age group. Henceforth please take that call early on. Also dress code SHOULD be mentioned.

02. No mention of th swimming pool in your email. Wish we knew there was a pool.

03. Indian food all the time. Continental breakfast at least would have been appreciated.

04. Loved the theatre games for ADULTS. Fire dance was awesome too. 

05. A more streamlined check-in process would have made life easier. Else had a fabulous time.


January 2016
Unwind Yourself


Loved being one with nature.

The circus, theatre, game and clowning around were good. Would have liked to learn about how you self-sustain and visit the farming and wood workshops.

The dinner on both days was average. Lunch was very good.


January 2016
Unwind Yourself


It's rightly said, "Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and then sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself." Such has been the case with me as this retreat of Life Design happened to me. There could not have been anything better than to have skype sessions arranged for someone who was bed-ridden for a while, according to the timings that suit me. I am glad to have taken this wonderful retreat where in the middle of nowhere Julie helped me get in-touch with my own self (in the nick-of-time). The experience has been very humble and enriching. Thank You Julie :-) for everything and Thank You Vikram for helping me in the process.


Life Design


Three days seem a so short period that I did'nt expect much from the Inner discovery retreat. And the miracle happened 5minutes before the end of the third session! This guy is incredible! I can only recommend this retreat to anyone who has a problem to solve or a decision to take.



Inner Discovery